Rules and Tournament Info:
–   $50,000 Buy-in
–   4 games: Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Poker
–   Twenty-Eight player tournament
–   40 minute timed rounds
–   Rapid Play TV Format
–   15-minute break after round one & three with a 30-minute halftime after round two
–   The bets (blinds, antes, etc…) will be progressive every twenty minutes
–   Each player will start each round with 25% of the buy-in amount of chips
–   After each round, accumulated chips will carry over, if any, on to the next table
–   Players can bet all in at any point during the four rounds
–   The player with the most chips at the end of the four rounds will be crowned the Ultimate Gambler
–  Prize money and payouts will be determined by the host casino and Ultimate Gambler
*All gameplay will adhere to host casino rules.
**All minimum bets and calls will be decided in conjunction with the host casino. There is a no limit on all bets and raises. Players will have to participate in every deal, hand, a roll of dice or spin of the wheel during each of the four rounds.
If a player has fewer chips than the minimum bet, they will be all in for the next play or bet. Only in Poker is there a variation.

All decisions by the dealers are final. Rules will be sent upon request.

Players will be sent a complete list of rules upon reserving and receiving confirmation of players seat.

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